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Moons is a luxury 100% handmade knit brand. Our knits are made by women for women.

Moons is about basic minimalistic knits, sofisticated and feminine on the one side, but universal and easy stylize-able on the other side.

Moons is the result of Anna Frichert's passion for knitting & simple minimalistic & calm silhouettes. We create our knits to combine them easily with all other pieces in the wardrobe.
Our aim is to make our products timeless and not depending on short-lasting trends.

We use only natural materials of the finest quality for our products: mohair, wool & silk. The wool we use is long-lasting and doesn't need any special care. We love to knit our cardigans and sweaters oversized. We adore relaxed silhouettes, that make us feel comfortable and cuddly. For our collections we choose neutral and calm tones, which don't loose their actuality during long time.

Moons stands for the renewal of the traditional handcraft.
All our products are 100% hand-knitted. One part of our production is placed in Switzerland, the other part is in Ukraine.

It's also very important for us to change established nowadays attitude to the clothes. It can't stay longer faceless, easily replaceable and short-termed. We are here to create adored, individual, long lasting clothing peaces. If we choose quality, individuality and story behind each of our piece, it would lead us to the conscious attitude toward the clothes and toward the environment we are living in.
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